To the Spirit of Womanhood : I Won’t Give Up

Strength is all one needs…

Poems in a Coffer

I strived, you failed me
I tried, you despised my attempts
I smiled, you snapped me away
I hummed, you screamed aloud
I dreamt, you shook me awake
I touched, you gave me scars

I wanted to stretch, you shrank my room
I tried to run, you tied my feet
I looked for escape, you caged my body
I felt like crying, you gagged my voice
I urged respite, you brought me pain

But with every harm that you did to me
one thing you couldn’t do was
break me and shatter me apart
for you were too weak to deter my spirits
and I was too strong to succumb to your horrors
and that’s what made the whole difference
in this game which you thought was all yours.

Dedicated to all the lovely women out there, who endured it all, but came out stronger. More power to you !!


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for that’s what the brave hearts do..they live on enduring all the pain no matter how fierce life gets on them…..

Poems in a Coffer

The walls of my room erode
bit by bit everyday
betraying its exteriors
and denuding its core
as if revealing
some mystic piece of art
covered under the layers of
paint, varnish and emulsion

Through the patches of grey
it now gives an impression
of some dark poems
written secretly
to find comfort
in the accumulated pain
caused by the ravages of time

And now
that the pain wants to burst out
to gently erode is the only choice
rather than to crumble, collapse
and perish
for that’s what the brave hearts do
they live on enduring all the pain
no matter how fierce life gets on them

– Chhaya

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Who let the dogs out on a rainy day?

Itz a beautiful day

So the rains begin…aah finally the cool breeze making my eyes heavy yet I feel refreshed.

Now what is it about rains? I mean I used to complain all the time about getting wet but today while travelling towards my office, I was almost drenched but I had a smile on my face throughout. I was stuck in a massive traffic jam and was about an hour late but I wasn’t frustrated. Aah…the long awaited rain finally arrived.

Every being is happy when rains come..of course we don’t like floods but we do want to get wet. The dogs enjoy rains too. Today while coming towards my office I saw few puppies playing in the rain. And there were dogs who barked, probably a friendly bark but many are scared. I was as a kid. I could never accept the fact that dogs have a friendly bark. A bark was a bark and it only meant one thing for me- run!

Rain and dogs..well they had some meaning for me in my childhood. The most funny and adventurous experiences that I have had were during rains and there were always dogs around to make things scary for me.

I have one rain story that makes me laugh always:

It was the tennis court today! Our play area…we used to play every where, on a tree, in the garden, on our terrace, in my room, on the road, etc. I had two friends whom I grew with and played with during my school time. Like everyday, today also we had few things on our mind that we wanted to do. We started with the Tennis court near my house. (We lived in a colony where we had a club comprising courts and gardens) Our plan was to climb up the net of the tennis court and hang there. We enjoyed climbing. That particular day we didn’t see a lot of children playing. Probably because it was raining a little! But nothing could stop us from playing! After all we belonged to the age group 10-12 years and it was very important for us to stay outdoors! we plucked some flowers from a bush and decorated our hair that were as long as a straw! But somehow we managed to balance the flowers, thanks to our ears.

So, three decorated heads with pink and white flowers started climbing up the net of the court. One of my friends’ flowers fell down. She needed the flowers back so she went all the way down!  Just as she picked her flowers there was a loud noise of lightening. We were startled. And just when we started holding our breaths we saw two dogs barking and running towards us. They were lean and thin. We were scared out of our wits. My friend threw the flowers at the dogs as if protecting herself with those flowers and started climbing up the net. My other friend and me started shouting “bachao bachao” (save us save us) in a singsong way. The dogs jumped at my friend but she managed to climb up. She was saved by inches I should say. Even she joined us and shouted. The lightening and thunder grew stronger and it started raining heavily. The dogs ran away. Even they were scared of something if not a bunch of three kids. We couldn’t locate anyone who would help us with this situation. Though the dogs disappeared, we did not have the courage to face an encounter with the beasts anytime soon. We already had our hearts pumping loudly against our chests! Rather, we chose hanging there getting wet and cold in the rain. We were shivering and the net moved ferociously. We thought we would fall but our grip was strong. We started shouting for help again. The lightening was getting louder and scarier. We almost thought that we would get electrocuted because we felt light shocks through the net. It was made of iron we reckoned! We didn’t want to die so soon. We still had to explore that small jungle look alike area inside our colony and we had to finish climbing all the trees..Aah all those dreams were vanishing in front of our eyes and that gave us the courage to shout on the top of our lungs. I had never been so loud ever in the past ten-twelve years of my life. Still no help arrived. We could see cars passing by but no one cared to stop. Just when we almost lost faith in everything and decided about our after life, we heard a man’s voice from somewhere. A man peaked through the walls of the club and asked us that why were we shouting. We jeered and laughed and told him our story about how we were stuck and how the dogs made it impossible for us to climb down. He had to come to rescue us. He laughed at us and started saying things like why we would come out and play on a rainy day. We had to plead to make him walk out of his shelter and keep a watch for dogs so that we three would climb down safe. The man came out in the rain with an umbrella and stood at the entrance of the tennis court. He kept on telling us that dogs will never harm kids but he had no idea how wicked our colony dogs were. They always attacked children and ran after them. So we climbed down together and ran for our lives, out of the court, towards my home. It was just two blocks away from the court. Just as we took a turn  I slipped and fell in a puddle of water. Both my friends helped me stand up and we heard barks again. Oh! Where did they come back from? Now we saw four dogs running at us. Somehow we three gathered all our strength and ran for life. The dogs were running behind us but we managed to be faster than them. We jumped over hedges and rocks and reached the door of my house. And the banging began! We banged on the house door and probably woke up the whole neighbourhood. My mother opened it and we three rushed inside. She slapped the door shut and we could hear her, my sister, my friend’s parents, my grandparents laughing their asses off.

We were in no mood to laugh. We just saved our lives from a near death experience. Now who would convince these adults, we thought!